• Welcome to House of Grey, a minimalist theme for ProPhoto. A sophisticated ProPhoto Blogsite that offers smart design with a hip layout. With its simple design, minimal typography and color pallet, your images pop right out of the page. Everything is easily customizable to add your personal branding, images, colors and fonts, we have also included a pages XML for premade page layouts for you to use to further customize your design.
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    Welcome to House of Grey | A ProPhoto Minimalist Theme

    Welcome to House of Grey, a minimalist theme for ProPhoto.  A sophisticated ProPhoto Blogsite that offers smart design


    The House of Grey design includes layered Photoshop files, customizable logo, editable color palette, pages template

    Marketing Suite

    House of Greys minimalist design has been paired with a matching collection to create a cohesive brand with a wow

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  • Photographing Penelope in downtown Seattle

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